Showroom and Sculpture Garden.

address: Monseigneur Theelenstraat 11

postal code: 5954 AX Beesel

The Sculpturegarden is always open and it’s a public place.

The showroom is visited by appointement only. Possible also for groups.

Events and expositions will be anounced by newsletter, facebook and on this site.


In my newsletter I will inform you about expositions and projects that I’m working on. The letter has no regular intervals, just the intervals regulated by me. Interested? Follow link below:

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Request information.

Request information about my work, prices, exhibitions and the use of image rights. For this, you can reach me by mail:

Work shown on the website.

On the website there are sculptures that are sold or not. Thus, it does not indicate what is in the gallery or sculpture garden. Always contact me if you are interested in an artwork.