The Peaceful Warrior says, “Stop! Untill here and not further!”

The Warrior fights his own battle with good and evil. Keeps track of people crossing your own borders and guarding your personal freedom and uniqueness. To hold his ground and keep breathing.

The bigger plan behind the Peaceful Warriors is to spread them around the world. Everywhere they need to be deployed to support goals. And to build with materials available. One peaceful warrior has been sold to the municipality of Oude IJsselstreek and is located at the DRU Cultuurfabriek.

” The Peaceful Warrior fights for something new. Something we all know, crawling under our skins. Subconsiously we feel it. Things have to change, on this beautiful planet. Let go! Of old systems and thinkings, bring out the best in people, return to your own source. Live! Straight from the heart. The Warrior sets the tone. He says: Stop! This far, and no further! He fights for something bigger, spacious and loving, than just status, power and money.What exactly that is, is probably hard to see yet. But step by step, then it will work. Together, with the Peaceful Warrior. “