The “Guardians” are sculptures made out of all sorts of materials and different techniques. So, mixed media and by trial and error. Every sculpture is unique!

The heads or masks are formed by free will and my hands are guided by that. Guided by emotions from deep within me or from deep within society or the world. When you see one of the heads and you resonate to it it probably touches something deep inside of you. In this way I am connected to you. To resonate, can be: like it, love it, overwelmed be it….but also….hate it, dislike, fearful!

One of the reasons I create: To come in contact with the people who resonate and to connect.

This way diferent kind of helmets, heads, masks come to life. Sometimes they have special names like: Custodians, Gatekeeper, Warriors, Amazones and Shamans….

A “Mask” also can be made through an assignment, specified for the customer. You can see an example of this by following this link: example.