Now that I have emptied my soul and that what had to be created, came out, I look for ways to share my experiences and to inspire other creative souls, wherever possible.

I have been doing assignments more and more often. It is nice to meet people who know the value of creativity. Sometimes I just brainstorm with a customer and sometimes the question is just crystal clear.

I always look for a common denominator with the client. Something we both like or share. If we continue with each other, we will certainly meet our good qualities but also the bad. I look for what can be done with the given resources, finances and possibilities.


Ever since the late 1990’s, my works have been seen regularly.

The Guardians (Wachters) acquired the necessary familiarity and they are known in the Netherlands. The guardians, arose from experimenting with material combined with the emotions inside of me.

After many exhibitions and working together with galleries, I started producing a triptych in 2007, which was completed in 2015. It is about large scale metal sculptures, 12 meters in height. The triptych consists of the Dragon, the Peaceful Warrior and the Earth Goddess.

What makes me unique with these big sculptures is that they are manufactured in-house and without external funding. It seemed ridiculous to start and doing that without a commission. It was and it is still a fight to earn funds to implement these ideas.

Afterwards, the result was all that mattered. First of all, there is a maximum use of creativity that is very important to me. Secondly, my work is very authentic. Third, the Dragon and one of the Peaceful Warriors have been sold.

So proud I am of my accomplishments!



Tegelen 1972




1984 – 1991 VWO Broekhin Roermond

1991 – 1992 University Maastricht Dutch Law

1992 – 1996 Graphic School Eindhoven

1996 – 2000 Fontys University Product Design Maastricht



1995 Eindhoven Packaging

1996 Sjer Jacobs BV

1997 Steel Stuff Interiors

1998 Maurice Mentjens Design

1999 Marlin Lighting BV


Public Assignments

2006 “The Wheat”, Municipality Helden/Panningen

2007 “Kubo”, Elementary school de Schalm, Tegelen

2009 “The Dragon”, vrij werk, Gemeente Beesel

2012 “Peaceful Warrior”, Dru Cultuur Fabriek, Ulft

2012 “The Peacock”, Markies de Spinola, Woonwenz

2013 “Peaceful Warrior”, Municipality Venlo



Work shown in the movie “How do I survive myself”, based on the books of Francine Oomen

Work shown in the movie “The Happy Housewife”, based on a book from Heleen van Royen, with Carice van Houten.

Work shown in “All the time”, with Paul de Leeuw

Movie created myself “Free your Dragon”, by  Rik van Rijswick



2007 Sculptures and More no1

2008 The Raven, poems and sculptures

2013 Sculptures and More no 2

2014 Visual Arts in the Netherlands no5



2011 Presentation of the Dragonstamp

On behalf of the  45e Stamp Collectorsday




Kunstmanifestatie Auxiliatrix Park, Venlo


Expositie “Ahead”, thuisexpo, Reuver


Beeldenexpositie Maria Park, Sittard


Vizit 01, Dominicanerkerk Maastricht

Young Design Award, Mecc Maastricht


Auxiliatrix Park, kunstmanifestatie, Venlo


Design Messe met Quasar Holland, Frankfurt

Expositie McArthur Glenn Designer Outlet, Roermond


Stedelijk Museum Roermond, Regionale ML05

Limes Kunstmanifestatie Toon Hermans Huis Venlo

Expositie Groengalerie, Mettecoven Belgie

Expositie De Kopermolen, Vaals

Open dag Reuverse Galerien


Museum Het Domein,“De Salon”, Sittard

Stedelijk Museum Roermond, Kunstregionale

Kunstbeurs Art-Event, Antwerpen

Expositie Art Hentrich 01, Buggenum


Kunstbeurs Art Prague, Praag

Sculptour “Earthborn”, Galerie Beukenhof, Gent

Expositie, Brink in Laren, Zuid Laren

Kunstbeurs Art-Event, Den Haag

Expositie Galerie Kunsthard, Oosterhout

Expositie Galerie Exelmans, Maaseik, Belgie

Expositie, ArtiParti, Maastricht

Festival, “Kom kunst Kijken, Helden-Panningen

Expositie, Galerie Manjefiek, Maastricht

Kunstmanifestatie, Geijsteren

Artimond, Helmond

Kunstmanifestatie Ootmarsum

Poorten van Reymerstok, Maastricht

Beeldententoonstelling, Auxiliatrixpark Venlo

Kunstbeurs Art-Event, Arnhem


Expositie Glas Kunst Goirle, Tilburg

Expositie Kunst in Ahoy, Rotterdam

Expositie in Susteren

Kunstmanifestatie, Geijsteren

Sculptour “Degrees”, Galerie Beukenhof, Gent

Kunstmanifestatie KunstSteyl, Steyl-Tegelen

Open Poortendag, Buggenum

Kunstmanifestatie Hoekkunst, Steenbergen

Park Merwestein Zomer Symphonie, Dordrecht

Natuur en Sculptuur, Kunstzaal “De Hoge Hees”, Eersel

Kunstmanifestatie Kasteel Hasselholt, Ohe en Laak

Flanders Expo LINEART, Gent

Kunst Route Woudrichem, Woudrichem

Expositie Kunstuitleen de Biggelaar, Steenbergen


Design Messe met Quasar Holland, Frankfurt, Duitsland

Expositie Kunstbeurs Glastec, Dusseldorf, Duitsland

Expositie “De Salon”, Museum Het Domein, Sittard

Expositie Glasrijk “Glow in the Dark”, Tubbergen

Expositie Rijkswaterstaat, Maastricht

Glas Kunst Goirle, Tilburg

Expositie Arte Temporale, Bussum

Expositie Beeldentuin Ravesteyn, Ravesteyn

Expositie Galerie De Stegge, Winterswijk

Scluptour “Escape”, Galerie Beukenhof, Gent

Kunstmanifestatie Geijsteren

Expositie Galerie Irok, Horst

Expositie Begijnenhofkerk Tongeren, Belgie

Expositie Kruisgang Roermond


Free Your Dragon Festival, Venlo

Kunstmanifestatie Hoekkunst, Steenbergen

Glas Kunst Goirle, Tilburg

Kunstmanifestatie Vogelvrij, Roermond

Expositie Galerie “De Sprong”, Hellevoetssluis

Expositie Heiligdomsvaart, Susteren

Flanders Expo LINEART, Gent


Thuisexpositie “Weapon of Choice”, Venlo

Expositie Galerie Kunsthard, Breda


“De Draak is bevrijd”, Krijgerfestival, Venlo

Tentoonstelling, Maria Auxilitrix Park Venlo

Expositie Beelden Beesel, Beesel

Expositie Aad Road Hoes, Reuver


Kunstroute Vaals

Glas Kunst Goirle, Tilburg


Expositie Beelden Beesel, Beesel


Expositie Galerie Van Doel/Van Dun, Oisterwijk

Sculptour Galerie Beukenhof, Gent


Raising the Earth Goddess

Beelden Beesel

Dutch Design Week


Ontsteken van Drakenvuur tbv Draaksteken

Expo “Kunstsmullen” Heeze


Living Village Festival

Nominatie Bernadine de Neeve prijs

Expo “Kunstsmullen” Heeze

Dutch Design Week at Inkijkmuseum


Sculptour “Reflections” gallery Beukenhof Gent

Sculpture Garden Ravesteijn Rotterdam

Oranje Bloesem Festival Amsterdam

Artwalk Beesel

Sculpture Weekend (homebase)



2003 Dagblad de Limburger, (mrt)

artikel + foto “Guardians”

expo galerie Vogelvrij

2005 Dagblad de Limburger (aug)

artikel + foto “ Guardians”

ML05, Museum Roermond

2005 Dagblad de Limburger

Artikel + foto “Guardians”

Art Hentrich, galerie GMD

2006 City Life Magazine (mei)

foto’s “Guardians”

expo galerie Sjer

2006 Dagblad de Limburger (mrt)

artikel + foto “de Aar”

Onthulling kunstwerk

2007 Brabants Dagblad (mrt)

foto “Guardians”

expo Gals en Kunst Goirle

2007 BN de Stem (juni)

foto “Guardians”


2007 Dagblad de Limburger (aug)

foto kunstwerk “KUBO”

Onthulling Kunstwerk

2007 BN de Stem (nov)

artikel + foto “Guardians”

2007 Brabants Dagblad (dec)

artikel + foto “Nautilus”

Kunstroute Woudrichem

2008 Brabants Dagblad (mrt)

artikel + foto “Amazone”

expo Glas en Kunst Goirle

2009 Dagblad de Limburger (mrt)

artikel + foto “Draak”

2009 Dagblad de Limburger (aug)

artikel + foto “Draak”

2009 Dagblad de Limburger (sept)

artikel + foto “Draak”

2010 Dagblad de Limburger (mrt)

artikel + foto “Draak”

2010 Dagblad de Limburger (jun)

artikel+foto “Draak”

Rondje kunst in Limburg

2011 Dagblad de Limburger

artikel + foto “Draak”

2011 Tijdschrift Filatelie, nr 3

artikel + foto “Draak”


2012 Dagblad de Limburger (aug)

artikel+ foto “Draak”

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artikel + foto “Draak”

Een rondje kunst

2013 Dagblad de Limburger (jun)

artikel + foto “Krijger”

2014 Dagblad de Limburger

artikel + foto “Draak”