I am always creating. It’s in my blood. I am a dreamer but at the same time a realize projects. My slogan: “Do what you do best”

I create free works but assigments are no problem for me. This can be sculptures, furniture and lighting, gifts, eco-cabines, paintings, graphical works or just hire me for ideas or bainstroms. Often times people say: “Oh this art, I can’t afford this!” Well, I want to make it for everyone possible to have a great artwork of mine placed in their home. Hire or hire-purchase is an option that is also available. Or, together we will find a solution.

So drop me a line! (info@rikvanrijswick.nl)

Sculpture Weekend (14 and 15 juli)

It will be held between 12.00h till 17.00h

In this weekend the sculpture garden is open for public. I will be there for questions about the artworks or questions about an artists life. I take care of the music with my hangdrum when there is time. Furthermore, you can bring an ode to the Goddess of the Earth. By sending her good vibes, you send good vibes to our moaning spaceship, called Earth. This can be done by honouring her with flowers, poems or music, or whatver you like to give. Be creative! I’ll see you then!

Facebook: Sculpture Weekend

Grand Landmark Tour (14 july)

What is it?

The history of the resurrection of the Triptych: Dragon, Peaceful Warrior ann Goddess of the Earth. I will also explain the symbolism behind the sculptures. While riding with a bike through our beautiful town Beesel sur la Meuse. If you have never heard of these landmarks, check this site. Or follow this facebook link. Welcome and get inspired or die trying!

For whom?

Companies and al the people who are interested!


14 july, other dates possible, send me a mail.

Gathering in the Gallery at 10.00h in the morning. End time, around 13.00h in the afternoon.Coffee and Limburg pie will be served at the end of the tour.
Cost: € 20,- per person, maximum of 20 persons.
Send me a mail with your questions…thank you!

Facebook: Grand Landmark Tour